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Frequently Asked Questions


Greetings from the Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association!


 We understand that there are likely MANY questions.  We have created the following page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. We understand that not all questions may be answered or addressed here.  For any additional information or if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at or


Who is the Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association?


Grand Forks Youth Baseball is a youth baseball organization for ages 9-15.  The league is governed by regulations of Babe Ruth League, Inc.  This includes Cal Ripken Baseball (a division of Babe Ruth League, Inc.) for ages 8-12 and Babe Ruth for ages 13-16.  

FAQ: My 9u player is playing league and travel, what equipment do I need to purchase for him? Glove, Cleats (rubber), Gray pants(league games and practice), belt (royal blue), helmet(royal blue), socks (royal blue). It's also recommended that all players have their own baseball backpack, bat, and batting gloves. 

FAQ: My player is only playing on a league team, what equipment do I need to purchase for him? Glove, cleats, gray pants. Recommended that all players have their own bats, backpack, helmet (royal blue), belt (royal blue), socks (royal blue). 8u players should purchase a royal blue helmet if planning on playing on a travel team in the future. 

How is the Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association different from the baseball program offered by the Grand Forks Park District?


The Grand Forks Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth baseball leagues are run by the Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association.  This is separate from summer baseball leagues run by the Grand Forks Park District.  Grand Forks Youth Baseball league games/practices take place during the evening hours, while Grand Forks Park District programs are held during the day.  It is strongly encouraged that players participate in both leagues for maximum development, especially at the younger ages.


When does registration begin?

Registration typically begins mid-January.  We will send out email reminders, post on the web page (, Facebook and will advertise in other various venues reminding everyone of registration. To register, simply click the link on the front page of the website and follow the instructions.  


When does registration end?

Registration typically closes in April.  If someone wishes to register after registration closes because of a special circumstance, they should contact or

How can I register?

There will be a link on the website (

Do you take Credit/Debit Cards?

Yes, during the registration process you can pay with credit/debit cards.

Is there an option for Travel/Tournament Baseball?

Yes, travel teams do exist.  All players are eligible to tryout for a tournament team.  


What age is my player considered?  

Age will be based on the player’s age on April 30 of that season.


How are Local League teams different from Tournament/Travel Baseball teams?

Local league teams will consist of 2 days of baseball per week (typically 1 game night & 1 practice night, but schedules may differ slightly from week to week).  9/10u players play on both a travel team and a local league team. Players that make a AAA/AA team ages 11-15 are WILL NOT play in the local league. Players that play on a A level travel team and will also be on a local league team .


Travel teams will be separate teams. Travel teams are for those kids that want to develop and grow their baseball skills at a higher competitive level. There will be tryouts for travel teams.  


We hope to have 2 teams per age group (two AA teams for 9u, AAA and AA for 10u-15u), which means most players interested in participating in a tournament/travel team will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.


For players ages 9 and 10,  these teams will practice and play games 1-3 additional days per week (3-5 total days of baseball per week if you count local league and travel together). 

11u-15u travel/tournament teams will practice or play games 4-5 times per week. 

What is an A level travel team?

The state of North Dakota Babe Ruth/ Cal Ripken offers state tournaments for both AAA teams and AA teams 9-12u. 13-15u teams only have an AAA tournament.  In efforts to provide travel opportunities and find appropriate competition for each team,  A level teams will play games during the week and partake in tournaments with other teams not playing in State tournaments. These are sometime called NIT tournaments. 

How much does it cost to register and become a member?

$300 - This membership fee provides the opportunity for one player to attend travel team development sessions in March, tryout for travel teams, and for one player to participate in a local league.

*There will be an additional registration and fees for travel team participation.

*Fees listed are for the 2024 season and may be adjusted in future years


Is there any way to lower the cost of membership fees?

Yes, if you meet certain guidelines the opportunity exists for reduced registration fees.  E-mail   or

Is there an opportunity to become a sponsor?

Yes, we are always looking for local sponsors.  When you register your child there will be an option to express an interest in becoming a sponsor, and you will be contacted shortly after.  You can also contact us at   or


What if my son doesn’t want to play after signing up?

Full refunds will be granted if the request is made before the creation of league teams.  Other requests made after this date will not be granted, except for a player having unexpected medical reason(s).  

Will my son be guaranteed a spot on a local league team?

Any player registered before the registration deadline will be guaranteed a spot on a local league team.  Any player registered after the deadline will go on a waiting list and may be placed on a team if any teams need additional players.

How are local league teams determined?

There will be at least one evaluation per player.  Teams will be put together by the league coordinator 

How are tournament/travel teams determined? 

There will be a team tryout.  These tryouts will be held in early April ge 11-15 players, and mid April for age 9 & 10 players. Exact tryout dates will be communicated via email and posted on the league website.  Independent evaluators will decide the final rosters.    

When does the local league season begin and end?

The season starts at the beginning of April.  If the weather does not allow us to be outside, we will start with indoor practices at the Gambucci arena.  We plan to be outdoors as soon as the weather allows.  

Practices/Workouts will take place through April, with evaluations held mid-late April.  Team will be formed shortly thereafter.

Games will begin early May (although dependent on the weather and field conditions).  


The season will conclude:

Cal Ripken (9-12) - Mid-July

Babe Ruth (13-15) - Mid to Late-July

How many games do league teams play?

Teams will typically play around a 10-15 game schedule. 

What day(s) will league teams practice and play games?

Early April.   We will be outside as soon as possible, but if the weather does not cooperate the season will start with indoor practices at the Gambucci Arena.  Exact dates and times for April practices will be communicated at a later time once the weather picture becomes more clear.  Every player will have at 1/2 nights of practices per week in April.


League games will start the first week of May, or as the weather cooperates.  


May, June, July Schedule - Each league will be 2 nights per week (combination of practices and games).

What are the Bat Rules?

As of January 1, 2018, new USA Baseball Bat Standards were implemented. ALL bats MUST have the USA Baseball logo on them to be legal. If it has that logo on it, it is legal; if not, it is illegal.  BBCor bats are legal for 13-15 year olds. For more information on the USABat standard and a complete list of bats approved through the USABat Standard, visit

How do we know if a game or practice is rained out or canceled?

E-mail will be sent out for all cancellations. You can also find it on our Facebook page..  Announcements are made by 5 PM. After 5 PM, decisions will be made by the league coordinators. If no announcement has been made, then assume games/practices are still on.

What equipment do I need to provide for my player?

Each player will receive a uniform jersey and hat.  Each team will have a bucket of practice balls, game balls, catchers equipment, and a first aid kit. Players will need to provide their own glove, baseball helmet, baseball shoes, baseball pants, and socks.  


What are the playing rules for each age group?

Playing rules differ for each age group. Rules can be found on each leagues home page at

  • 9-10 year olds play on 60 foot base paths and a mound of 46 feet.  Players pitch.  No leading off.  Players may steal after the ball crosses the plate.

  • 11-12 year olds play on 70 foot base paths and a mound of 50 feet.  Players pitch.  Regular baseball with balks, leading off and stealing whenever is allowed.

  • 13-15 year olds play on 90 foot base paths and a mound of 60 feet 6 inches.  Players pitch.  Regular baseball with balks, leading off and stealing whenever is allowed.  


What if I have a complaint about a coach, player, parent and/or official?

All complaints are always considered serious and should be reported to the Grand Forks Youth Baseball Association. For most complaints, please abide by the 24 hour rule. NEVER approach a coach/player/parent/league official or umpire during or shortly after the incident. Please contact the association via email (  or Again, we ask that everyone wait 24 hours prior to submitting or lodging a complaint.

What if I lost my baseball hat?

Additional hats can be purchased.  Contact us at (  or ask your league coordinator.